Casting Your Life Away

This concludes our broadcast day

I’ve recently developed a new addiction to throw on top of my stack of vices. Caffeine, comics, bad movies, gaming smoking and whiskey have now been introduced to their new stablemate. Lifecasting.

This happened purely by accident. I was searching for anywhere on the internet that was streaming the recent Calzaghe/Hopkins boxing match and stumbled upon a site called I thought nothing of it really, and thought to myself that I wouldn’t really go back unless there was something else being streamed live. I then caught wind of people cheekily playing GTA IV before it’s release, and lo and behold, JTV pulled me back as people were streaming the game as they were playing it. When one channel stopped broadcasting, another channel opened up almost immediately. So, being one cat that’s never been killed by curiosity just yet, I delved deeper into this apparent treasure trove of interactivity.

Originally JTV was set up by Justin Kan, who thought strapping a camera to his hat and going about his daily business, would offer the millions of users an insight into how someone lives their life. His camera is on virtually throughout the day and only gets switched off when he needs a dump, gets frisky or goes to sleep. His viewers would then communicate via a chat room, or via mobile phone, suggesting things for him to do. It wasn’t an original concept, streaming cams had been done years previous, but the medium hadn’t been attempted in this way before. And on the seventh day, Justin coined the term “Lifecasting”.

Since the site went up, many others seem to be trying their hand at lifecasting, and I perused the channels on offer at JTV to see how other people worked. Trust me, it’s been a lot of perusing. At times, it’s reminded me to continue the Bleeding Eyes Of DvS posts here (don’t forget to vote either!), as some channels have been either used as a glorified chat room for girls who don’t realise they’re succumbing to the subservient whim of guys with foot fetishes (shoe mee ur towz bbe), or brave fellows like this one, singing his favourite pop song of all time:

Watch live video from VaderKnightRider on There are a chosen few though who have embraced this outlet to it’s full potential. Nekomimi Lisa is quite the star attraction in this world, having put herself in the internet limelight before Justin thought about becoming a Cenobite Tribute Act, by filming her antics with her room mates in college. Now, she seems to have a camera in every nook and cranny of her life, from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed, and even that’s left on. She appears on virtually every stream site there is, and has her name stamped on every social networking site to boot. Her most notorious appearances are her “Bath Tub Poetry” segments every week. With this, Lisa straps on a bikini and some cat ears, sits in the bath for over an hour and reads poetry or, as shown in the next video, teaches Japanese. Honestly!

Watch live video from Nekomimi_Lisa on Justin.tvMy other choice of viewing comes in the form of the Don Browne Show. Don is dubbed the “World’s Oldest Lifecaster” and does a daily broadcast from his Florida home, chatting to his fans, whilst listening to Venezuelan chart hits. What’s compelling about this is that a few minutes watching Don, it becomes clear that he really doesnt care about making a fool out of himself for the sake of entertaining others. There’s also an element of worry when you watch him too, because I’m convinced he has a respiratory problem and may possibly explode from overexertion from being so damn cool. And people say the older generation aren’t in the modern age. LIES!

Watch live video from Don Browne – Florida on Justin.tvSo these are the gems I’ve uncovered so far. If you’re bored of sprawling Youtube for something to pass the time away, go check a lifecaster instead. If I find any more, I’ll post ’em up and hopefully they’ll thank me for giving them some exposure. Or maybe not.


4 responses to “Casting Your Life Away

  • Don Browne

    Enjoyed the feature article. The most literate one I’ve ever read about the phenomenom. Well, all this typing is getting me out of breath…Good job!

    _Don Browne, “World’s Oldest (and most out of breath) Lifecaster), LaBelle, Florida USA

  • Count de Danger

    Checked out the Don Browne cast last night and was very impressed – what a nice guy!

    Also Don you are exactly what i want to look like when i’m a proper grown up :^)

  • Kat Roberts

    I love Don so much. He is a God.

  • John Piccolo

    New York, London, Paris, munich, everybody talk about…..POP MUZIK!

    Love that song guys.

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